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GBS Diamond Drilling

GBS can core holes as small as 10mm diameter upto 1m diameter. Diamond Core Drilling can be used to form single holes for services or stitch drilled for forming openings of all sizes and depths.

We typically use this technique, when a precise circular penetration is required, or we need an effective way to create an opening by stitch drilling around the perimeter of the opening and remove the centre by another method.

Diamond drilling requires a continuous water supply to control the dust and cool the diamond segments. the slurry can be controlled locally to the hole using 110v wet vac.

We can drill on any angle and even inverted when no other access is available

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GBS Diamond Sawing


At GBS, we undertake all types of cutting of concrete/brick/block work, 

TRACK SAWING is a method that can be used on almost all types of cutting due to the set up. The saw can be dismantled so that we can access any work face.

FLOOR SAWING is a method that is mainly used for cutting roads, due to the suitable  access and the smooth surface. They are also used inside buildings when powered by 3 phase power.

WIRE SAWING is a method that can cut through deep slabs, walls etc that might be suitable in some instances. Wire sawing can be a quicker way to cut through concrete, brick, etc

Our team will work with you to give you advice and guidance on the best solutions possible, ensuring you get the most out of our service.

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Controlled Demolition

GBS Diamond Drilling Ltd can supply the whole range of Brokk’s with skilled operators. The Brokk’s are used for controlled demolition in areas that are normally not accessible with diesel powered machines.

GBS are firm believers in maintaining and embracing Health and Safety procedures on our contracts, and HAV is at the top of our list.

We can supply all our Brokks with breakers, crunching jaws, and buckets to suit the requirements of the job.

All Brokks are powered by 3 phase power which we can supply if necessary.


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GBS Diamond Drilling carries out noise-controlled demolition, with the use of hydraulic Bursting. The bursting method can work in areas where noise is an issue, such as occupied offices, schools, and other sensitive areas.

The method can be used to control the removal of concrete if there are pipes, cables, and other obstructions.

We operate three size bursts, 48mm, 112mm, 202mm diameter.

112mm and 202mm diameter bursters are both used for thicker and larger concrete splitting. The difference between them is the size of lumps you can burst, the 112mm is used at 300mm to 500mm centres per hole and the 202mm from 500mm to 1000mm centres per hole.

We would need to inspect the obstruction you require us to drill and burst to provide you a specific quotation. The steel content will determine the distance between each hole drilled.

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Anchor Pull testing

GBS can carry out all types of pull testing to give you the results that you require.

We can supply you with a certified engineer to carry out all types of pull testing, using the latest technology.

Each test that is carried out is photographed and included in a report that covers the test results. If the test fails GBS can supply a driller to over drill the failed anchor and replace until a satisfactory result is achieved.

GBS provide the complete solution - the drilling and fixing of the anchors, bolts, and studding.

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We pride ourselves on our health and safety and strive forward with new methods and machinery that is safer for our operators, other workers, the public, and the environment. We are working with Hilti specialist equipment with the low HAV impact and reduced dust/slurry control systems.



GBS Diamond Drilling Ltd.
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We offer a full range of service of cutting and removing R/F concrete/block/brick/marble/terrazzo, we also carry out controlled demolition

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